Best Places to Get a Bingo Bonus

Online bingo is a rapidly growing niche that is getting more and more busier in both the UK, the US and the rest of surrounding Europe! Cropping up and growing just as fast as poker was doing in 2002 – 2010, bingo is probably here to stay. If you want to learn more about bingo and grabbing a fantastic bingo bonus than keep reading below.

Why Sign up to a Bingo Site?

Obvious first question if you ask me. There are hundreds of reasons I can think of for joining a bingo site. Each one will be different depending on what kind of player you are and what really makes you tick.

The biggest reason for signing up to bingo sites however if of course, “in order to play bingo and win big cash prizes!” All the most famous bingo sites will provide an astounding range and promontory daily promotions for players, including VIP shopping vouchers, loyalty points and gifts, cash bonuses, jackpot prizes and more.

When you play 75 ball or 90 ball bingo games from as little as 1p per ticket (or even free at some bingo sites like Cheeky Bingo and Bet365 Bingo) you can win jackpots up to the value of £1,000. Most bingo sites will even run their own instant games such as video poker, classics such as Cluedo and Monopoly, or TV themed games such as Spiderman, Deal or No Deal and the X-Factor which have prizes worth more than £250,000.

Bingo Bonuses and Special Deals

The best part of online bingo sites is that 99% of them promote special deals and promos to players. New bingo players that sign up to a room can regularly take part in special bingo deals with free bonuses worth up to £250 (you can see a whole bunch of bingo bonuses and offers at

The good news is that there are all kinds of great deals for players. So even if you’re thinking “well they probably don’t have anything suitable for me or my bankroll”, then you’re completely wrong. Bingo sites offer bonuses for all types of players – whether you’re a first timer just browsing the site or an experienced jackpot winner looking to deposit £200 worth of funds. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

The most popular bingo deal on the Internet is the deposit bonus. This is a match-up style bonus where the bingo room will give you free money based on the amount that you deposit. For example, if the bingo rooms promotes a 100% up to £200 bonus for new players then it means if you deposit £100 of your own money you’ll receive a total bankroll of £200 to buy tickets and play in the games.

The other type of bingo promotion, geared more to newer players, is the free sign up bonus. This is where players can claim free money just for signing up and registering an account. You don’t need to give away any financial information or make a deposit at all. 888 Bingo for example gives all new players £5 free just to try out their site, while Foxy Bingo is current running a special promotion giving away a £10 no deposit bonus to all new players this summer!

Hello gamblers

Welcome to AceGamblersBlog, fellow gambler.

Life is fun so let us not pretend to be serious. Fun and entertainment is what it is all about. Nowadays online is where the action is taking place and never before were there this type of offering for gaming as the one we have from the Internet.

Ok, the above paragraph has two important statements and this first post will simply develop a bit about these two profound truths characterizing modern online gambling.

First, life is about fun. Think about it, when we are born as babies and later kids, we only worry about playing. This is human nature (and animals too) that it is at the core of our nature to play games. And when we grow up this nature does not change, our genes make us mostly interested in playing any type of games.

This is true of everyone. Even the Presidents of the all countries like to party, have fun and mistresses. They cannot (and no one can) spend all their time working. They need to play, and often work is just the means where playing is the goal. We cannot play all the time as we need to feed our families. But once the chores of working are dealt with, play time has come.

Secondly in this modern age, the Internet has introduced an information revolution applicable to all ways of life, including gaming in general, and gambling in particular.

This is how you can play so many games online, safely, with software that deliver the best gambling entertainment the world has ever seen. Either at online casinos or free online poker rooms, you will find the game type that fits you best.

There are games for all players, some with 100% luck, some where skill differentiates between the fish and the eagle. In some games you play alone with the computer (slot machines), at other you can socialize with other players (bingo), or you can even play against other players at online poker.

Why so serious? Join the online gambling revolution today, and have fun online.