Guide to Online Casinos.

Thanks to furtherances in modern electrical engineering, casino games are now available to pretty much anyone of the correct age who happens to own a PC and internet connection can win on casino.

This means that those classic games, such as roulette, blackjack and poker, as well as fantastic slots games are pretty much playable from wherever you happen to be sat, as long as you have an internet connection and a computer to play on of course.

Well, in many cases, the same games can be found at different places, this is true. But then again, this is simply because the classics are classic for reasons and as such, you would be disappointed to visit a site and find that roulette for example was missing from their pages now wouldn’t you?

Of course, if you happen to enjoy a taste of all things traditional, then perhaps Poker is more you likely to be your cup of tea. After all, this is the game which has been played for cash since the days of the cowboys in the mid-west and as such, is often considered to be a truly special and historic game.

There are also some impressive slots games to be found online and these games are also very much worth your time and effort as, though they are in all honesty an incredibly simple premise, they could also win you large amounts of cash, simply for a pull of a virtual arm.

So, if you happen to be interested in the casino style, but do not have the capability to fly over to Vegas every time you fancy a flutter, online casino gaming might well make a difference to you.

Pokerstars rakeback

I won a Pokerstars $7 MTT yesterday consisting of 1250 people and paying $2,250.

There were many hands I played well, and some I did not. Fortunately on a very key hand a couple of levels before the money, I got pretty lucky. I don’t think you can win such a large field tourney unless you are lucky a few times. It does not mean that you do not need skill, but you also need luck.

I raised from under the cutoff with KQ off suit, and got called by the big blind.

The Flop came AQ7 rainbow and he led the whole pot right out into me. I thought for a minute, and I just couldn’t bring myself to believe he would play an Ace like this, definitely not a big ace like big slick.

For one thing the stacks were of a reasonable size and he was a pretty aggressive player, so I thought he would have reraised me pre-flop with a big ace.

I also thought he would elect to check raise me with a smaller ace, because at that level on that flop he was probably going to get a continuation bet from me on the flop.

I raised him all in, and he called in about 2 seconds and flips over an ace jack. Luckily I spiked a queen on the turn to win the hand and eventually went on to win this tournament.

I guess I need to work on my hand reading abilities. The tournament is a great value. I think there were only about 500 people left after the first break, a great overlay.

You can play these tournament too at Pokerstars. If you have not yet signed up, note that there is not such a thing as PokerStars rakeback. But instead they have an internal VIP program that more than compensate for this.

I’m actually pretty good, but luck doesn’t hurt once in a while. Overall luck evens out, and it is skill that will determine your bankroll. Study the game and practice, and the money will follow.